Ceramic Paint & Interior Protection

We continue to lead the industry with our range of interior and exterior finishes. From our onsite facility in the north west of England, we apply superior ceramic coat paint protection and optional leather and cloth trim protection.

Our specialised ceramic coat paint finishes your vehicle with a glass coat polysilazane coating, for a sleek, modern look with added protection against deterioration. It’s the ultimate partner to your vehicle and provides excellent protection to exterior paint surfaces, alloy wheels, glass* plastic, blacks, trims, chrome, and carbon fibre to ensure your vehicle remains the epitome of elegance** for the lifetime of the vehicle.

A unique formula means that our ceramic coat paint is effective on all the latest and in-development automotive paint finishes and clear varnishes. It offers protection against the following everyday sources of aesthetic damage:

  • Sunlight deterioration
  • Cold water and frost
  • Acid rain
  • Hydrocarbons (exhaust fumes)
  • Alcohols (traffic film removers/degreasers)
  • Bird lime
  • Tree sap

*Excludes front and rear windscreens
**Treatment can only be applied when paint is a minimum of 3 weeks old. For new vehicles, please allow an additional week for delivery.


For more informations contact our Aftercare Team on 0800 304 7546

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