Coleman Milne is the market leader in creating, building and selling hearses and limousines in the United Kingdom, using its own British engineers. The Company’s objective is to provide a range of hearses and limousines of leading design, which are competitively priced and of a quality appropriate to their function.

Our History

  • 1820

    Pierceys Coachbuilders formed to serve a market with Horsedrawn & Hansom Cabs

  • 1873

    Thomas Woodall Nicholson bought & re launched Piercey’s under his own name

  • 1914

    Following the death of Thomas, control was passed to son Charles who specialised in building bespoke bodywork for various prominent motor manufacturers

  • 1933

    Under new management, Woodall Nicholson began specialise in converting used Rolls-Royce chassis into hearses

  • 1953

    Coleman Milne established at Bolton by partners John Coleman & Roderick Milne

  • 1954

    MK 1 Zephyr & Zodiac released

  • 1956

    MK 2 Zephyr & Zodiac released

  • 1962

    MK 3 Zephyr & Zodiac released

  • 1966

    MK 4 Zephyr & Zodiac released

  • 1970

    Coleman Milne became the supplier of choice for Ford Vehicle Conversions for the UK funeral trade

  • 1972

    MK 5 Granada I Hearse and Limousine released

  • 1977

    MK 6 Granada II Hearse and Limousine released

  • 1981

    Coleman Milne was sold to the Hawley Group

  • 1983

    Woodall Nicholson & Hawley Group merged and Coleman Milne became specialist in Funeral Vehicle conversions

  • 1985

    The Hawley Group purchased the famous Henlys chain of BL dealers, and promptly formed a Motoring Division comprising Henlys and Coleman Milne

  • 1986

    MK 7 Scorpio Granada I Hearse and Limousine released

  • 1987

    The Hawley Group was purchased by ADT, who closed down the Halifax operation and centered the coachbuilding activities at Coleman Milne’s base at Westhoughton, Bolton.

  • 1989

    Two years later, ADT sold Henlys and Coleman Milne to the Plaxton Group, the bus and coach manufacturer based in Scarborough, Yorkshire.

  • 1991

    MK 8 Scorpio Granada II Hearse and Limousine released

  • 1991

    Mercedes E-Class 124 Hearse and Limousine released

  • 1992

    Following a Management buy out, Woodall Nicholson became holding company for Coleman Milne & Mellor Coach Craft

  • 1995

    MK 9 Scorpio Granada III Hearse and Limousine released

  • 1996

    Mercedes E-Class 210 Hearse and Limousine released

  • 2001

    Coleman Milne lead the field with the launch of the first Australian Ford range of ceremonial vehicles - The MK 10

  • 2003

    Mercedes E-Class 211 Hearse and Limousine released

  • 2000 - 2009

    Saab 9-5 Hearse and Limousine released

  • 2009

    MK 11 Australian Ford face lift BA & BF Hearse and Limousine released

  • 2011

    Mercedes E-Class 212 Hearse and Limousine released

  • 2013 - June

    First Coleman Milne S-Class luxury limousine was delivered to Donald Mclaren Funeral Directors in Scotland

  • 2013 - July

    Management buy out - FD & MD retires. Former Sales Director becomes MD with Brian Davidson as Chairman and Dan Jackson as FD

  • 2016 - January

    Launch of the 2016 Norwood & Rosedale collection based on the Ford Mondeo

  • 2017 - June

    Launch the all new Mercedes E213 range at the NFE in Stoneleigh

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Coleman Milne
Wigan Road, Westhoughton
Bolton, BL5 2EE, UK


Tel: 01942 815600
Fax: 01942 815115

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