The Surelift can be installed in a variety of vehicles including the Renault Trafic, Mercedes Vito, VW T6 Transporter, Ford Transit Custom and Vauxhall Vivaro. Using a clean, quiet and efficient linear actuator in each corner, Surelift is capable of lifting and coffin or stretch combination up to 300kg on its top deck, with operation of the deck being from the rear door pillar on a sealed, wipe clean switch unit.

The Surelift system is designed with ease of operation and safety of equal importance.

  • Safety features fitted as standard to eliminate the risk of trapping when lift is in use.
  • Significantly reduces manual handling
  • Light-weight yet heavy duty loading ramp on each deck locks securely in place for transit.

Adequate storage for day to day items is a must but damage to the inside of your van is a thing of the past with the Coleman Milne Surelift.

  • Optional front storage rack
  • Storage boxes built into the side door opening apertures as standard
  • Optional storage panels specifically designed to carry up to 4 ‘first response’ folding stretchers.
  • Optional glove box storage at rear
  • Wipe clean surface materials
  • 8 rubberised smooth action rollers per deck as standard
  • Rubber covered end stop and fixed

Adjustable coffin stops protecting delicate decorative mouldings on today’s coffins.