The Norwood Classic hearse offers stately traditional styling with a class leading deck size, large bearer seats and a capacious full size under-deck to promote both comfort, style and value for the discerning Funeral Director.


Technical Information

Engine: 2.0 EcoBoost 240PS Petrol / 2.0 Duratorq 180PS Diesel

Transmission: 6 speed automatic gearbox

Brakes: Power assisted disc brakes all round with ABS

Steering: Power assisted rack and pinion

Suspension: Self leveling suspension

Electrical & Lighting: Halogen main and dipped beam units. Interior lights with delayed action

Safety: High security locking system. ‘Smartshield’ electronic transponder engine immobilization


CO2 and fuel consumption*


CO2: Urban conditions: 143.0 g/km Extra- Urban conditions 119.0 g/km Combined: 128.0 g/km

Fuel Consumption: Urban conditions: 5.400  l/100km Extra- Urban conditions:  4.500  l/100km Combined: 4.900 l/100km


CO2: Urban conditions: 239.0 g/km Extra- Urban conditions 132.0 g/km Combined: 171.0 g/km

Fuel Consumption: Urban conditions: 10.300  l/100km Extra- Urban conditions:  5.700  l/100km Combined: 7.400 l/100km


*  figures shown are that of the pre-converted base vehicle as per the base vehicle manufacturer specification. Figures are based on standard EU tests for comparative purposes and may not reflect real driving results.

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